Please Review Our Service Pages

Please refer to our Warranty information and product information before lodging a Service form.

Before booking a service call please read through the self diagnosis advice by clicking the following link (requires a PDF reader).

Please read the following terms and conditions, it is essential you understand that if the product is not faulty or your problem is caused by faulty installation, damage or other issue not directly related to a defect in the product itself, you may be charged a call out fee by the service agent.

Self-help Information for troubleshooting can be found here: Self Help PDF

For Warranty Conditions and Terms Please click the link below:
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For Changing Light Globes, Blades and Cleaning a Fan Please click the link below:
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For Information about Troubleshooting the Fan Please click the link below:
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Service calls that are booked by you for issues that are not covered by in-home warranty will incur a call out charge by the service agent. The warranty terms and conditions explain what is covered by in-home and what is not.

Our Brand New Self-Help Video's have a step by step guide for troubleshooting your product.

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