Concept 3

Concept 3

Colours Available :

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Product Codes

Concept 3 White 52" - A3500
Concept 3 Matt Black 52" - A3501
Concept 3 Brushed Aluminium 52" - A3502
Concept 3 Antique Brass with Koa Blades 52" - A3503
Concept 3 White with LED Light Kit - A3506
Concept 3 Matt Black with LED Light Kit - A3507
Concept 3 Brushed Aluminium with LED Light Kit - A3508
Concept 3 Antique Brass with LED Light Kit 52" - A3505
Concept 3 White LED Light Kit Only (Accessory Light Kit) - A3512
Concept 3 Matt Black LED Light Kit Only (Accessory Light Kit) - A3513
Concept 3 Brushed Aluminium LED Light Kit (Accessory Light Kit) Only - A3514
Concept 3 Antique Brass with LED Light Kit Only (Accessory Light Kit) - A3515
Concept 3 White E27 Light Kit Only (Accessory Light Kit) - A3509
Concept 3 Matt Black E27 Light Kit Only (Accessory Light Kit) - A3510
Concept 3 Brushed Aluminium E27 Light Kit Only (Accessory Light Kit) - A3511

The Concept 3 is a 1320mm (52") ceiling fan, similar to the original Concept with the exception of the conical canopy cover, the screw cover plate and its flatter motor housing, which were all added to modernise it to suit current architectural trends. The blades attach directly to the motor housing eliminating the need for an external blade carrier. The Concept 3 also has an integrated clip-on light system which is available as an accessory. This allows users the flexibility of adding a light to the fan at a later time.

Installing Location
Concept 3 ceiling fans can be installed in a variety of locations both inside the home as well as in outdoor areas provided that the roof is sealed and there is no opportunity for water to encroach on the motor. Both timber and plastic blades are fine for outdoor installations however we do recommend plastic blades over timber blades as they will withstand outdoor conditions better.

Motor Housing
The Concept motor housing is made from die cast aluminium thus joining within the material is eliminated. This significantly extends the longevity of the product, as the opportunity for rust and material degradation is almost completely removed.
Concept ceiling fans are available in a range of finishes including white and brushed aluminium.

Blade Material
Concept is a 4 bladed, 1320mm (52") ceiling fan. The blades are Moulded Polymer (plastic) and are placed into sets based on accurate weight measurements removing almost all unwanted movement during fan operation.

Down rods (26mm)
38 degree ceiling canopy kits