Revolution 2

Revolution 2

Colours Available :

Product Codes

Revolution 2 White 52" - A1280
Revolution 2 Brushed Aluminium 52" - A1282
Revolution 2 Black 52" - A1281
Revolution 2 White 52" with 3 Speed Wall Control - A1290
Revolution 2 Brushed Aluminium 52" with 3 Speed Wall Control - A1292
Revolution 2 Black 52" with 3 Speed Wall Control - A1291

Advanced aerodynamic blades and electronic control means the Revolution is at the cutting edge of ceiling fan efficiency, drawing only 48 Watts on high speed while moving more air than similar size fans that are thicker in size and heavier. When operating to supplement other cooling and heating devices this fan consumes as little as 5W when running on the lowest speed setting.

Clever engineering allows the Revolution to have its major parts removed and replaced without requiring an electrician in most States of Australia, allowing faster turnaround time and reducing service costs.


Safe, quiet polymer blades
Reversible airflow from remote
6 selectable speeds for Summer (forward) or Winter (reverse) use
3 Speed Wall Control Pack available Separately or with Fan (No Reverse Function)
C-Bus Control Pack available Separately
2 years 'in-home' warranty on non-user replaceable parts. 5 years warranty on user replaceable parts
User serviceable (see instruction manual in regards to which components can & cannot be serviced by the customer)
Suitable for use with Building Automation Systems (when using additional (accessory) interface)
Coastal/Indoor/Outdoor undercover use
Robust die-cast aluminium body and canopy