Typhoon 316 Mach 3

Typhoon 316

Colours Available :

Product Codes

Typhoon Mach 3 Stainless Steel 48" - A3402
Typhoon Mach 3 Stainless Steel 52" - A3412
Typhoon Mach 3 Stainless Steel 56" - A3422

TYPHOON Mach 3 316 (Stainless Steel)

The Typhoon 316 is a stainless steel fan. By this we mean most components of the fan are made of stainless steel. The double step pitch of the blades combined with its large motor enables the Typhoon 316 to circulate optimum volumes of airflow with each spin.

Installing Location
The Typhoon 316 can be used both indoors and outdoors to allow continuity between living areas.

Blade Pitch
The Typhoon 316 ceiling fan has a genuine 22 degrees pitch on the blade. The angle consists of 2 parts, the 17 degrees on the primary blade and a further 5 degrees on the trailing edge to increase the volume of air moved by the product.

If the distance between the ceiling fan and the floor is greater than 2.4m (8ft), please see the accessories section for solutions to solve these problems.