Typhoon Timber Mach 3

Typhoon Timber

Colours Available :

Product Information

Product Codes

Typhoon Mach 3 Timber White 48" - A3460
Typhoon Mach 3 Timber White 52" - A3470
Typhoon Mach 3 Timber Antique Brass 52" - A3472


The Typhoon Timber fan has the same type of motor unit as the Typhoon metal, but instead of metal blades it has timber blades. The blades are available in a range of colours which complement their motor housing.

Installing Location
Typhoon Timber ceiling fans should be installed within the home.

Blade Material
The Typhoon Timber 48" & 52" blades are made from New Zealand plywood. The blades have two types of finishes. The flat colours are painted and then lacquered to ensure longevity. The blades with a wood grain finish are laminated and then lacquered to ensure that there is no peeling of the laminate from the plywood.

Blade Pitch
The blade pitch is 12 degrees allowing the fan to produce greater air flow.

If the distance between the ceiling fan and the floor is greater than 2.4m (8ft), please see the accessories section for solutions to solve these problems.