In the event that your Hunter Pacific ceiling fan suffers a defect in material or workmanship during the stated warranty period, the Trade Practices Act of 1974 and similar laws in your state gives you the right to have the defect rectified. In addition to any implied warranty, Hunter Pacific International offers additional warranty under the following terms and conditions.

Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty periods begin from the day of purchase. Product, installing electrician, purchase details and proof of purchase must be presented to service agents to claim on-site warranty.

Fans and fixed wiring products must only be installed by persons who are appropriately licensed by the applicable state regulatory body. Therefore, to protect our repair personnel, on-site warranty will not be accepted if products have been installed by unlicensed persons.

Damages caused by incorrect installation, force-majeure, electrical surges, lightning, power grid fluctuations, water or by connection to alternative power supply sources (such as solar inverters etc), are not eligible for warranty repair.

Travelling costs incurred by Hunter Pacific personnel or a Hunter Pacific service agent beyond 25kms from authorised depots will not be covered by warranty. This cost must be covered by the customer. In any event for areas outside coverage of Hunter Pacific service agents, Hunter Pacific will reimburse customers a standard fee of $95.00 (inc. GST) for using their own electrician. Conditions apply and any service request must be arranged with the Hunter Pacific warranty department before calling your own electrician.

This product warranty excludes liability for consequential loss or claims for damage to furniture, carpets, walls, ceilings, foundations or any other event either directly or indirectly resulting from a faulty ceiling fan or accessory product.

This warranty will not cover any repairs to a Hunter Pacific product where the product was incorrectly used, physically abused, accidentally damaged or not serviced in accordance with the maintenance instructions.

Signals sent through the power grid by the electricity supplier for the control of off peak hot water, street lights and other devices may cause an intermittent humming noise in your electrical appliances such as your ceiling fan. Filters are available in Australia at the customer's expense. These noises do not occur as a result of a faulty fan.

When products are installed in a location requiring special access equipment (such as scaffolding or scissor lifts, etc) the cost of providing, installing and operating special access equipment must be borne by the site owner. The need for or use of, such equipment must be stated when booking a service call. Charges will be levied for Hunter Pacific International to arrange special access equipment and these must be paid in advanced.

Blades must be replaced only as a complete set. Blades are supplied only as a pre-balanced set and the replacement of individual blades may void the warranty by causing mechanical damage to the motor, excessive noise or premature wear.

If goods are found to be free of defects or the product is not functioning properly as a result of faulty installation then Hunter Pacific International Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge the customer a service fee.

Do not uninstall fan and do not return product to the retailer unless advised to by a Hunter Pacific staff member. Instead call the warranty line on 1300 360 280 for further advice.

Hunter Pacific warranty is only available for Hunter Pacific products that are purchased and installed within Australia.