Please select your fan carefully and discuss your needs with a sales professional who knows your local area. Fans that do not perform as expected and which are not faulty cannot be replaced or exchanged under warranty. Proper performance relies on the right fan being correctly installed in the optimum location.

- 2 years in-home warranty and a further 3 years on the motor (parts only warranty). Limitations apply regarding corrosion damage when not maintained (eg. cleaned) regularly.

Blades are warranted on a parts only basis as they can be removed and replaced by the customer. Please advise our warranty department if extenuating circumstances apply (eg. related to age or disability)

- All Hunter Pacific remote controls have a 12 month in-home warranty period for the remote control receiver and a 12 month parts only warranty for the handpiece. The term "remote control" means the handset and the receiver connected to the fan. Remote controls supplied as part of a "fan + remote" package deal are only covered by the above 12 months warranty.

Please note the remote control receiver is not part of the fan, instead being a separately connected accessory device. The remote control receiver is often fitted into the fan mounting bracket for convenience but is not an integral part of the fan and and not covered by the warranty provisions of the fan itself.

Resetting of DIP switches in remote handpieces is not covered by warranty and a service call fee will apply. A service bulletin explaining how to find the correct DIP code is available at no charge. Batteries, if supplied, are done so as a complimentary (free) item only and not covered by warranty.

- All Hunter Pacific light kits have a 12 month warranty period, with the exception of non-detachable lights that form an integral part of the fan. Non-detachable (fully integrated) lights are warranted for the same periods as the fan.

Light Globes, if supplied, are done so as a complimentary (free) item only and not covered by warranty.

*Note: Warranty periods begin from the date of purchase. In order to claim in-home warranty, customers must show their proof of purchase to our Hunter Pacific service agent at the job site.

What is in-home warranty?
Hunter Pacific offers 2 year in-home warranty to Hunter Pacific ceiling fans installed within the coverage of our network of service agents in cases where the product fails due to defective materials or workmanship. For remote controls the warranty period is 12 months. This warranty does not cover installation faults, house wiring faults, loose blades or fittings or damage of any kind. Claims regarding corrosion damage are subject to case by case appraisal.

In areas outside coverage of Hunter Pacific service agents, Hunter Pacific will reimburse customers a standard fee of $95.00 (inc. GST) for using their own electrician. Conditions apply and any service request must be arranged with the Hunter Pacific warranty department before calling your own electrician.

Under no circumstances will reimbursement be made for call-out fees or other costs without prior approval. When installed as recommended by Hunter Pacific (via an isolation switch) a fan or remote control can be switched off at the wall in case of a fault. If the product cannot be turned off because an isolation switch is not fitted, any electrical costs involved in disconnecting the product while awaiting warranty service are borne solely by the customer.

Please read warranty conditions and limitations.

What is the parts only warranty?
Hunter Pacific will supply parts only, shipped to the customer or their nominated agent. Conditions apply. Please note the labour associated with installation of these parts, or associated electrical costs of removing and reinstalling the product to effect repair is borne by the customer.

This aditional warranty offer excludes non-structural corrosion damage of non-316 stainless steel components such as surface rust or minor rust on leading or trailing edges of blades. Regular maintenance (proper cleaning) will generally prevent this occurring as dirt will trap condensation and lead to damage of metal surfaces.

Please contact our warranty department for additional information.
Please read these warranty conditions and limitations.